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PreviewQt v3.0
Published: 22nd of May, 2024

PreviewQt 3.0 brings a whole range of new and exciting features, including e-book support, adjusting window size to content, and the ability to request PreviewQt (through shortcut) to load any selected file in the Dolphin file manager.

PhotoQt v4.5
Published: 13th of May, 2024

Another all new release is ready: PhotoQt v4.5. This release brings a few new additions, but mostly focuses on bug fixes, improvements, and generally a more polished user experience. Thank you to all who gave feedback and suggestions!

PreviewQt v2.0 - plasmoid and remote control
Published: 5th of April, 2024

PreviewQt 2.0 brings some major improvements to its performance and functionality (including rotating images), including two new and convenient ways to interact with PreviewQt.

PhotoQt v4.4
Published: 4th of April, 2024

PhotoQt v4.4 brings a whole range of exciting new features, from support for color profiles, to accent colors, lossless zoom for vector graphics, and so much more – there is something for everybody. Thank you to all who gave feedback and suggestions!

Introducing PreviewQt
Published: 12th of March, 2024

I would like to present a new member of PhotoQt's family, its little sibling PreviewQt. PreviewQt is a much simpler application than PhotoQt, intended – as the name suggests – to preview all kinds of files. Its focus is on speed and lightweight, aiming to provide as instantaneous of a preview as possible.

PhotoQt v4.3
Published: 29th of February, 2024

The all new version 4.3 of PhotoQt is available now. The focus of this release is on quality improvement and bug fixes, but it also brings a few new features nonetheless. Thank you to everybody who provided feedback!

PhotoQt v4.2
Published: 18th of January, 2024

Another month, another release - PhotoQt v4.2 is now available for download. It brings some exciting new features including support for some new types of images, and several improvements and bug fixes. In addition the logo has been tweaked slightly.

PhotoQt v4.1
Published: 20th of December, 2023

It hasn't even been a week since v4.0, but PhotoQt v4.1 is out! The main focus of this release is bug fixes and adding some missing functionality.

PhotoQt v4.0.1
Published: 15th of December, 2023

Mistakes happens, though thankfully this is a rather small one. Upgrading to PhotoQt v4.0 had a small bug where the first time (it works on subsequent times) the new PhotoQt was started the settings were not read properly.

PhotoQt v4.0 - first release based on Qt6
Published: 14th of December, 2023

PhotoQt v4.0 is here! It's the biggest update to PhotoQt in its history with almost all code being updated, restructured, and/or rewritten. The code is now easier to maintain and PhotoQt is now faster than ever before. With this release PhotoQt is now also based on Qt 6.

PhotoQt v4.0-beta - request for testing
Published: 6th of December, 2023

The final release of PhotoQt v4.0 is getting close. This version will be a major overhaul of the code, including a switch from Qt5 to Qt6. It already has been extensively tested, but more testing is needed to make sure it works as intended. A beta version for testing is now ready in different formats.

New website, new logo
Published: 13th of October, 2023

PhotoQt had various logos throughout the about 12 years of its existence. With the complete overhaul of PhotoQt based on Qt6, it gains its latest one, designed and contributed by @hadouken. In addition to the new logo, the new website sports a more modern look with the interface designed around the same colors as the logo. Read on for a little bit of PhotoQt logo history.

PhotoQt v3.4
Published: 5th of October, 2023

PhotoQt 3.4 will be the last version of PhotoQt built on Qt5. Nevertheless, it still brings a bunch of improvements and also some new features. The next release of PhotoQt will be v4.0 based on Qt 6.2+.

PhotoQt v3.3 - shortcuts, maps, and more
Published: 15th of June, 2023

It has only been about a month, but there have been some major improvements and additions to PhotoQt since, including an all-new shortcuts engine, interactive map views for images with location data, overall visual improvements, and many other changes. Shoutout to @hadoukez, @flashwalker, @s7stem7, and @a17r for their feedback and help.

PhotoQt v3.2
Published: 11th of May, 2023

The latest version v3.2 of PhotoQt is ready with a whole range of exciting new features and improvements. A big thanks to @hadoukez, @Marnes, @stalkerGL, @Sytchenko, @flashwalker, @megahertz1, and @bugbug156 for their feedback, suggestions, and testing.

PhotoQt v3.1
Published: 8th of March, 2023

PhotoQt v3.1 is a new release that comes with a range of new features and improvements. Thanks to everybody who gave feedback and tested changes, with a particular shoutout to @hadoukez and @novomesk.

PhotoQt v3.0
Published: 30th of January, 2023

A new release of PhotoQt with a whole bunch of improvements, some additions, and several bug fixes. Shoutout to @hadoukez at GitLab for all their feedback, testing, and support.

PhotoQt v2.9
Published: 1st of September, 2022

Thanks to again some fantastic feedback, a new release is ready with a whole range of fixes and improvements greatly improving the experience of using PhotoQt.

PhotoQt v2.8
Published: 31st of July, 2022

PhotoQt v2.8 is here with a whole range if improvements, fixes, and updates. This release is mostly focused on improving the user experience and modernizing the interface a bit, while still adding several new features.

PhotoQt v2.7
Published: 10th of June, 2022

Another new release is ready, once again with many new and exciting features and plenty of smaller improvements across the whole application.

PhotoQt 2.6 - new image formats, new features, better performance
Published: 7th of April, 2022

PhotoQt v2.6 is now ready with support for new image formats, new features, and better performance. In addition, several bugs discovered since last release have been fixed. Thank you to everybody who provided feedback.

PhotoQt v2.5 - 10 years of PhotoQt
Published: 5th of January, 2022

It has been more than 10 years since the very first release of PhotoQt. What better way to celebrate this anniversary (albeit a little late) with a new release packed with many exciting new features and improvements.

PhotoQt v2.4
Published: 22nd of October, 2021

After a short wedding-related break in developping PhotoQt over the summer, a new release of PhotoQt is ready, coming with several additions and improvements, some addressing years-old issues on GitLab.

PhotoQt v2.3
Published: 14th of June, 2021

It has only been a week, but quite a lot happened with PhotoQt in just this one week. The additions, improvements, and bug fixes are more than enough to warrant a full new version.

PhotoQt v2.2
Published: 7th of June, 2021

About 4 months after the last release it is now time for the all new release of PhotoQt v2.2. The main focus of this release is on improving the user experience, even though there have also been a few new additions.

PhotoQt now available (again) on Windows
Published: 14th of February, 2021

After failing for some time to get a working installer for Windows together, I am happy to announce that these issues are finally resolved and PhotoQt 2.1.1 is now officially available on Windows.

PhotoQt 2.1.1 available
Published: 6th of February, 2021

Coming one week after v2.1, the new release v2.1.1 doesn't bring any new features but only fixes a few minor bugs that have surfaced since the past release.

PhotoQt v2.1 now available
Published: 30th of January, 2021

It's only been a little over a month since the past release, yet there has been a whole range of changes and improvements since then.

PhotoQt v2.0
Published: 16th of December, 2020

It has been a little while since the last release but it is finally here: the all new version 2.0 of PhotoQt!

PhotoQt v2.0 - Beta Release
Published: 8th of November, 2020

After a rather long time it is finally here: The beta release of v2.0 of PhotoQt! Please consider testing this release and let me know of any bugs (nightly build of an AppImage available). If you want to help translate PhotoQt, check out the translation project page: https://translate.photoqt.org

Progress, Localization, and AppImage
Published: 18th of July, 2020

The past few months have been rather eventful for me, as I'm sure they have been for many if not most people. Even though my plans for the past few months all of the sudden changed completely, one small positive side effect is that I do have a little more time to work on PhotoQt. There have been a good few changes in the development branch in the git repository recently. The next release, version 2.0, is still a little ways off, but I hope to have everything ready some time this fall.

What's been happening with PhotoQt
Published: 18th of September, 2019

It has been rather quiet around PhotoQt over the past year. Unfortunately life has been a little too busy to also work on PhotoQt. However, this is slowly changing now and the next version of PhotoQt (version 2.0) is back on its way.

PhotoQt v1.7.1 - squashing some bugs
Published: 3rd of June, 2018

There have unfortunately been some bugs that snuck into v1.7 that remained unnoticed before the last release. Thanks to some fantastic users these bugs have been found, reported and now fixed! As some of them have a rather big impact on the usability of PhotoQt, here is a small bug fix release to take care of them.

PhotoQt v1.7 is now available
Published: 15th of May, 2018

PhotoQt v1.7 comes only about three months after v1.6, yet it once again brings a host of changes and improvements. Besides general speed improvements, it brings a wider range of supported image formats, several new and exciting features and fixes many bugs.

PhotoQt v1.6
Published: 20th of February, 2018

More than a year has passed since the last release of PhotoQt. That is quite a lot of time. For a large part of that time I was not able to work much on PhotoQt as life kept me very busy. However, now it is finally here: The all-new release of PhotoQt version 1.6!

Introducing ImgurQt
Published: 3rd of February, 2017

Today I want to quickly introduce a new small application called ImgurQt. ImgurQt is a simple console application (also based on Qt) that implements some of the basic commands of the imgur.com APIv3.

PhotoQt v1.5.1 is available
Published: 18th of January, 2017

Even though PhotoQt v1.5 is only a few days old, I have heard from some users about some difficulties they had in getting the required dependency QtCharts installed. It appears that this QML module is not shipped by all distributions as it's a rather new module (even though it doesn't state this on the respective documentation page). This issue is addressed with this release.

PhotoQt v1.5 released!
Published: 11th of January, 2017

It's here: A brand-new release of PhotoQt, version 1.5. This release brings once again many exciting changes!

On the road to PhotoQt v1.5
Published: 6th of December, 2016

It's that time again, we're getting close to a new release!! Over the past few months, there have been numerous changes, bug fixes and improvements to PhotoQt. It has now officially entered the beta testing stage.

PhotoQt v1.4.1.1: Updates to photoqt.appdata.xml
Published: 12th of September, 2016

It has been a little while since there has been anything going on here (my apologies), but things are moving along! This update now is only a very tiny update to the photoqt.appdata.xml file, no code has been changed.

PhotoQt v1.4.1 - fixing some bugs
Published: 1st of June, 2016

It has been just over two weeks have passed since v1.4 was released. And there have been a few bug reports dripping in since then. I had hoped to catch all of them before releasing v1.4, but unfortunately some slipped through. Hence, PhotoQt v1.4.1 fixes a total of 17 bugs!

PhotoQt v1.4
Published: 17th of May, 2016

It is here: PhotoQt v1.4!! After only 295 days of development, an all-new release with many exciting new features and improvements awaits.

PhotoQt v1.4 beta testing
Published: 16th of April, 2016

It has been quite a while this time, almost a year since the last release of PhotoQt. But the next one is just around the corner: PhotoQt v1.4 is undergoing some final debugging and bug fixing over the next two weeks (plus/minus), and then it will be rolled out to the world!

Ubuntu and Windows users: I have good news!
Published: 29th of July, 2015

This is for all Ubuntu and Windows users out there: I have good news for all of you!

PhotoQt v1.3
Published: 26th of July, 2015

This new release is the most exciting one so far, as it comes with a completely new code basis.

v1.2.1, v1.3beta and a move from GitHub to GitLab
Published: 15th of June, 2015

PhotoQt v1.2.1 is the end of an era, while v1.3 starts a new one: Its code has been completely re-written in a move from Qt/QWidgets to Qt/QML. Also, PhotoQt's source code is moving from GitHub to GitLab.

New website design (and more info)
Published: 8th of May, 2015

A couple days ago, I updated the design of http://photoqt.org. It's now much simpler, cleaner and brighter than before. It now also contains more information than before.

PhotoQt 1.2
Published: 17th of January, 2015

It's here, the best one yet: PhotoQt v1.2! It comes with a large amount of changes and improvements.

Merry Christmas!
Published: 24th of December, 2014

Merry Christmas to you all!

PhotoQt v1.2beta
Published: 14th of December, 2014

It hasn't been long since version 1.1 was released, but now the beta version 1.2 is available for translation and testing.

PhotoQt on Windows
Published: 8th of November, 2014

After the last release I got some feedback regarding the Windows version of PhotoQt... Until then, I hadn't thought, that anybody is really using PhotoQt on Windows anyway - but I was wrong!

PhotoQt - Critical Bug-fix: PhotoQt crashes on 32 Bit systems
Published: 13th of October, 2014

There has been a bug in the code that caused PhotoQt to crash on 32 Bit systems...

New Release: PhotoQt v1.1
Published: 12th of October, 2014

After one year, two months, and one day it's finally here: PhotoQt v1.1! Again quite a few changes/bug-fixes/improvements... check it out!

PhotoQt v1.1beta
Published: 2nd of October, 2014

Finally it's here: After more than a year of on and off development, the beta of version 1.1 is ready for testing and translation!

Move to Canada & Short Preview of v1.1
Published: 8th of September, 2014

I recently moved to Canada. It has been quite an adventure, and a lot of new things to discover. That's why it has been a little quieter around PhotoQt again... But version 1.1 of PhotoQt is not too far away anymore...

Update: I'm back!
Published: 21st of July, 2014

It has been a little while, since I added any changes/improvements to the code of PhotoQt...

Not much... but Merry Christmas!
Published: 24th of December, 2013

Nothing has happened with PhotoQt for quite a while. No new code, and no emails or support requests have been answered for about 3 months already...

More than 10,000 downloads!
Published: 21st of August, 2013

Since today, PhotoQt has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from this website! And that's not including the downloads from other places! A big step for a small app.

New Release: PhotoQt 1.0
Published: 11th of August, 2013

Finally, finally, more than half year since the last release, here it is: Version 1.0! The changelog for this version is longer than for any version before. A lot has changed, several feature requests have been included, and many bugs fixed.

PhotoQt v1.0beta
Published: 31st of July, 2013

It has been already a little over half year since the last release. Quite a long time, mainly caused by me having a lot to do for university. But I think, after that much time the new release will be even more exciting! And it's soon ready...

Name change (and other things)
Published: 23rd of May, 2013

Mainly two things happened recently:
1) 'Photo' will be renamed to 'PhotoQt'.
2) The dependencies (of course besides Qt) can be "switched off"

Some of the recent development
Published: 24th of February, 2013

It's a little over a month since the release of version 0.9.1. And it'll be another little while before the next release, however, there are already some bigger changes (not all complete just yet) in the development version you can find on GitHub. Here is a little preview of the four biggest changes so far...

Photo v0.9.1 - some major bugs fixed
Published: 22nd of January, 2013

An application is never perfect. And although I gave Photo v0.9 some thorough testing beforehand, some bugs just slipped through unnoticed...

Photo version 0.9 released!!
Published: 18th of January, 2013

It's finally here: Photo version 0.9. A lot (and I mean a lot!) has changed since the last release. Pretty much the complete code has been re-written and re-structured.
Many bugs have been fixed/avoided, and also many new features introduced.

GitHub and BugTracker
Published: 11th of January, 2013

The latest snapshot of the upcoming beta you can now get at GitHub. It will be updated whenever a bug is fixed and also from time to time with updated translations.
Also, reporting a bug has just become a lot easier. You can report bugs easily through bugzilla at http://photoqt.org/bugs.

Photo 0.9 beta
Published: 6th of January, 2013

Later as originally planned, but finally it is here: The beta for version 0.9 of Photo! A lot of work has gone into it. Pretty much the complete code has been re-written and re-structured. Many bugs have been avoided and features added/fixed. Now, before the final release comes out, I want to add some time of testing, also to give the translators a little time to translate the many new/changed strings.

Photo v0.8.2 - Language update (& 2 minor fixes) - AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHOTO
Published: 13th of December, 2012

Another minor update for Photo v0.8: Three new languages and updates for some of the already existing ones. The desktop file also experienced a small enhancement.
On a different note: Happy 1 year anniversary to Photo!!

Website moved to paid hoster
Published: 14th of November, 2012

The website for Photo was now moved to a paid hoster - hopefully more reliable than the free domain I was using until now!
You need to update your links and RSS Feed URLs!!
Read on for a little more info on it...

Photo v0.8.1.2 - major bug fixed
Published: 9th of November, 2012

Another bug was discovered that caused Photo to crash on mouse click and (probably) affects most users.

Release v0.8.1.1 - quick bugfix
Published: 8th of November, 2012

In yesterday's release v0.8.1, a little bug sneaked into the CMakeLists.txt...

Photo v0.8.1 - Bugfix and Language Release
Published: 7th of November, 2012

Photo v0.8.1 is ready, a language and bugfix release for Photo v0.8. Until now, Photo was available in 8 different languages. Now, there are 6 new languages!! Thanks to all the amazing people who spend some time translating Photo!!
Also, v0.8.1 includes a couple bugfixes.

Preview of v0.9
Published: 22nd of October, 2012

It has been already about 3 months since the latest release of Photo. The next release (v0.9) is not too far away anymore (though it'll probably be another little while). There will be many changes to Photo, and I'd like to give a little preview of some of them, to show a bit of what you can expect.

Photo v0.8
Published: 19th of July, 2012

A new release is ready, version 0.8. It comes with a variety of changes, enhancements and bugfixes. Check it out!

New Website Launched
Published: 16th of July, 2012

Up unto now Photo only lived on it's qt-apps.org project page. That's changing now, here's a new website for it.