PhotoQt v4.5

GitHub and BugTracker

Published: 11th of January, 2013

Up until now the only way to get the latest source code was in downloading the tar-ball from here. That has now become a lot easier. Photo is now at GitHub, making it a lot easier to download, update, contribute, etc.

The code on GitHub will be updated whenever a bug was fixed, and also from time to time with updated translations from Transifex. After the beta is released, the code on GitHub will remain the development snapshot with occasional changes for testing ahead of the following release.

Speaking of bugs, reporting them has now also become a lot easier. You can now report bugs through bugzilla. That makes it a lot easier to report bugs, keep an overview over open bugs, follow up bug reports, and get down to the cause of a bug (hopefully) much quicker.

The setup of a bugtracker was originally planned for being available with the relase of v0.9-beta, but it took a while to get the needed ssh access to the server.

Therefore: The planned release date of v0.9 will be pushed back a couple days to the 18/01/13.
This is to allow a little more time to track down the last bugs.