Progress, Localization, and AppImage
18th of July, 2020
The past few months have been rather eventful for me, as I'm sure they have been for many if not most people. Even though my plans for the past few months all of the sudden changed completely, one small positive side effect is that I do have a little more time to work on PhotoQt. There have been a good few changes in the development branch in the git repository recently. The next release, version 2.0, is still a little ways off, but I hope to have everything ready some time this fall. [more]

What's been happening with PhotoQt
18th of September, 2019
It has been rather quiet around PhotoQt over the past year. Unfortunately life has been a little too busy to also work on PhotoQt. However, this is slowly changing now and the next version of PhotoQt (version 2.0) is back on its way. [more]

PhotoQt v1.7.1 - squashing some bugs
3rd of June, 2018
There have unfortunately been some bugs that snuck into v1.7 that remained unnoticed before the last release. Thanks to some fantastic users these bugs have been found, reported and now fixed! As some of them have a rather big impact on the usability of PhotoQt, here is a small bug fix release to take care of them. [more]

PhotoQt v1.7 is now available
15th of May, 2018
PhotoQt v1.7 comes only about three months after v1.6, yet it once again brings a host of changes and improvements. Besides general speed improvements, it brings a wider range of supported image formats, several new and exciting features and fixes many bugs. [more]

PhotoQt v1.6
20th of February, 2018
More than a year has passed since the last release of PhotoQt. That is quite a lot of time. For a large part of that time I was not able to work much on PhotoQt as life kept me very busy. However, now it is finally here: The all-new release of PhotoQt version 1.6! [more]

Introducing ImgurQt
3rd of February, 2017
Today I want to quickly introduce a new small application called ImgurQt. ImgurQt is a simple console application (also based on Qt) that implements some of the basic commands of the APIv3. [more]

PhotoQt v1.5.1 is available
18th of January, 2017
Even though PhotoQt v1.5 is only a few days old, I have heard from some users about some difficulties they had in getting the required dependency QtCharts installed. It appears that this QML module is not shipped by all distributions as it's a rather new module (even though it doesn't state this on the respective documentation page). This issue is addressed with this release. [more]

PhotoQt v1.5 released!
11th of January, 2017
It's here: A brand-new release of PhotoQt, version 1.5. This release brings once again many exciting changes! [more]

On the road to PhotoQt v1.5
6th of December, 2016
It's that time again, we're getting close to a new release!! Over the past few months, there have been numerous changes, bug fixes and improvements to PhotoQt. It has now officially entered the beta testing stage. [more]

PhotoQt v1.4.1.1: Updates to photoqt.appdata.xml
12th of September, 2016
It has been a little while since there has been anything going on here (my apologies), but things are moving along! This update now is only a very tiny update to the photoqt.appdata.xml file, no code has been changed. [more]

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