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PhotoQt v4.2
Published: 18th of January, 2024

Another month, another release - PhotoQt v4.2 is now available for download. It brings some exciting new features including support for some new types of images, and several improvements and bug fixes. In addition the logo has been tweaked slightly.

PhotoQt v4.1
Published: 20th of December, 2023

It hasn't even been a week since v4.0, but PhotoQt v4.1 is out! The main focus of this release is bug fixes and adding some missing functionality.

PhotoQt v4.0.1
Published: 15th of December, 2023

Mistakes happens, though thankfully this is a rather small one. Upgrading to PhotoQt v4.0 had a small bug where the first time (it works on subsequent times) the new PhotoQt was started the settings were not read properly.

PhotoQt v4.0 - first release based on Qt6
Published: 14th of December, 2023

PhotoQt v4.0 is here! It's the biggest update to PhotoQt in its history with almost all code being updated, restructured, and/or rewritten. The code is now easier to maintain and PhotoQt is now faster than ever before. With this release PhotoQt is now also based on Qt 6.

PhotoQt v4.0-beta - request for testing
Published: 6th of December, 2023

The final release of PhotoQt v4.0 is getting close. This version will be a major overhaul of the code, including a switch from Qt5 to Qt6. It already has been extensively tested, but more testing is needed to make sure it works as intended. A beta version for testing is now ready in different formats.

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