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PhotoQt v2.5 - 10 years of PhotoQt
5th of January, 2022
It has been more than 10 years since the very first release of PhotoQt. What better way to celebrate this anniversary (albeit a little late) with a new release packed with many exciting new features and improvements. [more]

PhotoQt v2.4
22nd of October, 2021
After a short wedding-related break in developping PhotoQt over the summer, a new release of PhotoQt is ready, coming with several additions and improvements, some addressing years-old issues on GitLab. [more]

PhotoQt v2.3
14th of June, 2021
It has only been a week, but quite a lot happened with PhotoQt in just this one week. The additions, improvements, and bug fixes are more than enough to warrant a full new version. [more]

PhotoQt v2.2
7th of June, 2021
About 4 months after the last release it is now time for the all new release of PhotoQt v2.2. The main focus of this release is on improving the user experience, even though there have also been a few new additions. [more]

PhotoQt now available (again) on Windows
14th of February, 2021
After failing for some time to get a working installer for Windows together, I am happy to announce that these issues are finally resolved and PhotoQt 2.1.1 is now officially available on Windows. [more]

PhotoQt 2.1.1 available
6th of February, 2021
Coming one week after v2.1, the new release v2.1.1 doesn't bring any new features but only fixes a few minor bugs that have surfaced since the past release. [more]

PhotoQt v2.1 now available
30th of January, 2021
It's only been a little over a month since the past release, yet there has been a whole range of changes and improvements since then. [more]

PhotoQt v2.0
16th of December, 2020
It has been a little while since the last release but it is finally here: the all new version 2.0 of PhotoQt! [more]

PhotoQt v2.0 - Beta Release
8th of November, 2020
After a rather long time it is finally here: The beta release of v2.0 of PhotoQt! Please consider testing this release and let me know of any bugs (nightly build of an AppImage available). If you want to help translate PhotoQt, check out the translation project page: https://translate.photoqt.org [more]

Progress, Localization, and AppImage
18th of July, 2020
The past few months have been rather eventful for me, as I'm sure they have been for many if not most people. Even though my plans for the past few months all of the sudden changed completely, one small positive side effect is that I do have a little more time to work on PhotoQt. There have been a good few changes in the development branch in the git repository recently. The next release, version 2.0, is still a little ways off, but I hope to have everything ready some time this fall. [more]

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