PhotoQt is already available in the repositories of some distributions. I'd recommend to first check there.
Otherwise you can have a look whether your distribution is listed here. You either get a file to download, or instructions on how to get PhotoQt onto your system.
I'm trying to keep this list always up-to-date, but since there are so many different distributions out there, I can't catch them all. So if you know of any information that is missing here or any error in my list, please let me know!

Note, that after a new release it usually takes a little bit (usually only a couple days) before PhotoQt gets updated in the repositories, or before a new pre-packaged file is available. You can always compile the very latest version from source.

You can always find the latest development code in this GitLab repository (mirror). If you want to check out older releases of PhotoQt, you can find a collection right here.

Source Code:

tar.gz | zip
AppImage Arch Linux
Chakra Fedora
Flatpak Gentoo Linux
KaOS Mageia
Mandriva Linux Linux Mint
PCLinuxOS Rosa Linux
Slackware Linux Ubuntu Linux