PhotoQt v4.5


If you have any questions about PhotoQt, first check the FAQ to see if there is the answer to your question already. If not, then the best way to get help is to get in touch with me, either by contacting me or by opening an issue over at GitLab. If you have any feature suggestion, feedback, or criticism, please also let me know.


Some common questions come up every now and then. You can find a growing collection of these questions and others in the FAQ.

Install instructions

If all you want to do is install PhotoQt, first check the official repositories of your Linux distribution (if you are indeed running Linux). If PhotoQt is not (yet) available there, or if you're running Windows, take a look at the Downloads page for additional options. If you want to build PhotoQt from source, you can find the build instructions right here.

Open a bug report

If you find something in PhotoQt that seems not quite right or that doesn't work as you would expect it to, please let me know. I depend on reports of users of issues they face to know what needs to be fixed and/or improved. You can open a bug report by opening an issue over at GitLab. When you do so, please include as much information as possible:

  1. What platform are you running (e.g., Windows, Ubuntu, ...)?
  2. What version of PhotoQt are you using?
  3. What features are supported by your build?
  4. If you are able to reproduce any issue, what steps are necessary to do so?

If it happens with only specific images or image formats, if possible please include a sample image.

Still need more help?

If you need further help or want to ask more questions, please don't hesitate to email me at (you need to enable javascript to see the email address).