latest version: 2.9.1
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Here you can find the online manual, some information about bugs, and the roadmap about what's to come going forward.

Online Manual

Even though all features in PhotoQt are intended to be rather intuitive, sometimes it helps to have some more information about them.

Click here to open the manual.


No software is bug free. If you have found something that is not quite working right, please open an issue over at GitLab.


I often hang out in the #photoqt channel over on irc.libera.chat. My username there is luspi.

Ideas for possible new features

This list contains features that have been suggested at some point by users like you, so please let me know if there is something you miss or do not like in PhotoQt.

The table is not ordered in any particular way, but serves as a record of all ideas. I can't say which feature will be implemented when (if at all), but if there is one that you really want to see in PhotoQt, let me know. If more people ask for a feature it is more likely to actually come.