latest version: 2.3
© 2011-2021 Lukas Spies


PhotoQt on Windows comes with all the features as PhotoQt on other platforms. The only exception at the moment is the support for RAW image files, though that will hopefully change soon.

PhotoQt has been well tested on Windows, and as far as I can tell everything seems to be working just fine. However, I develop PhotoQt primarily on Linux, thus it is well possible I missed something that is not working quite right on Windows. If you encounter anything of that sort, please let me know. I wont be able to fix it if I don't know about it.

PhotoQt v2.3 (64-Bit)


Please note that you will likely get a warning stating that "Windows protected your PC".
In order to run the installer, simply click on "More info" and a button "Run anyway" will appear near the bottom.

This 'feature' is the so-called Microsoft SmartScreen. In order to avoid this warning applications need to be officially signed.
This process, however, is rather expensive (thanks, Microsoft!) and currently way out of my budget.