PhotoQt v4.5

Photo v0.8.1 - Bugfix and Language Release

Published: 7th of November, 2012

Photo v0.8.1 is ready, a language and bugfix release for Photo v0.8.

Until now, Photo was available in 8 different languages. Now, there are 6 new languages: Arabic, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese.
Photo is now available in 14 (!) languages. Not all of them are completed yet (you can help), but it's getting there...
Update 0.8.1 also brings a couple bugfixes:
- FIXED: mouse shortcuts for external commands didn't work
- FIXED: text labels (like filename, etc.) didn't stay hidden in certain circumstances
- IMPROVED: CMakeLists.txt was improved to be better adaptable to different setups
- IMPROVED: detection of currently set translation better generalised

This update does not bring any new features, it just fixes existing ones. New features will come in version 0.9. Version 0.9 will hopefully be ready for beta testing beginning of December with the final release coming a week or two after that.

Why aren't the new features of v0.9 simply included in v0.8.1? Well, that's due to the fact, that in v0.9 the whole code structure changed and most of the code was rewritten/revised. Version 0.9 will be different in a number of ways from v0.8 (e.g. in look and behaviour), though the general concept will be the same. You can get a short preview of it here.