PhotoQt v4.5

Not much... but Merry Christmas!

Published: 24th of December, 2013

Nothing has happened with PhotoQt for quite a while. In fact, no emails or support requests have been answered for about 3 months already.

What was going on? Well, I'm currently in my final year in university, and it has been rather stressful to say the least. I had to step back from developing PhotoQt for the last 3-ish months to focus on my studies.
I actually did do some programming besides college, but that was mainly for another project (one that I get paid for; studying can be so expensive!). This project (a booking software) is also developed as open-source, I'll probably write a line or two about it at some later point.

I'll try to work a little bit on PhotoQt over my Christmas/New Year break, but it probably wont be until March or April until I'll be able to properly take up development again, but I'll be continuing to work on it on and off in the meantime.

I also want to issue an apology to all the people who tried to contact me over the past 3 months and didn't get any reply back. I'll answer all of you over the next couple days!!

Hope you guys understand and bear with me.

Merry Christmas :-)