PhotoQt v4.5

PhotoQt v3.3 - shortcuts, maps, and more

Published: 15th of June, 2023

It has only been about a month, but there have been some major improvements and additions to PhotoQt since, including an all-new shortcuts engine, interactive map views for images with location data, overall visual improvements, and many other changes. Shoutout to @hadoukez, @flashwalker, @s7stem7, and @a17r for their feedback and help.

Highlights of this release

Here are some of the biggest highlights of this release: These are just some of the highlights, there have been a lot more things that made it into this new release, e.g., the support of QtPDF, preventing potential race conditions, and much more. You can find a more complete list in the Changelog.


Here are some screenshots of this new release to help you visualize some of the changes listed above:
mainview with map map explorer file dialog new shortcuts settings shortcut actions about rename file filter files

Looking ahead: Qt 6

Currently PhotoQt is based on Qt 5. The next version of Qt has been out for a few years already by now, and is supported (to some extent) by an increasing amount of distributions. Switching PhotoQt from Qt 5 to Qt 6 is not something that will happen overnight, but I started thinking about how this might happen. It would, however, allow PhotoQt to take advantage of some more recent additions and improvements in Qt and prepare it for the future.

Switching to Qt6 does, however, come with some caveats. It excludes people on distributions that do not ship Qt 6 (e.g., Ubuntu 20.04) from receiving newer updates. In some cases this can be solved by making use of projects that have backported Qt 6 to older systems.

As of right now, I expect some movement in that area later this year. Whether that will mean that there will be a Qt 5 and Qt 6 version in parallel for some time or not, that remains to be seen. If you have some comments or suggestions regarding this, please let me know.

Get involved

I love to hear from people using PhotoQt. In order to get in touch with me for feedback/support/etc., there are a few different ways you can do so: If you want to help PhotoQt, there are a few ways you can get involved:
  1. Join the translation team over on Crowdin. If your language is missing you can simply request it directly on Crowdin or send me an email and I can add it to the project.
  2. Give feedback of what you like/don't like, or what you think is missing from PhotoQt. To give feedback, send me an email or open an issue on GitLab.
If you are considering supporting PhotoQt by donation, please consider donating to the humanitarian relief in Ukraine instead, for example to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Enjoy PhotoQt,