PhotoQt v4.5

v1.2.1, v1.3beta and a move from GitHub to GitLab

Published: 15th of June, 2015

PhotoQt v1.2.1 is only a minor update to PhotoQt v1.2 with nothing but a handful of bug fixes. There are a few known bugs still present in v1.2 that have not been fixed. The reason for that is the move from Qt/QWidgets as underlying technology to Qt/QML.

Qt/QML allows a fresh and much more flexible way of creating a responsive, functional and good looking interface. Even though I hesitated at first to do the switch, now I'm glad I did. PhotoQt benefits in so many ways from using QML, it's impossible to name all the advantages.

However, with such a immense change of the code basis (even though chunks of code here and there are re-used, most of the code had to be (re-)written) also comes the possibility of new bugs that didn't exist before. That's where I really need your help: The more people test PhotoQt with each (naturally) having a slightly different setup, the more bugs and problems can be detected (and hopefully fixed) before the final v1.3 will be released.

You can download the beta code from here

(Alternative, you can also clone the git repository: git clone https://gitlab.com/luspi/photoqt.git)

Also, PhotoQt is moving away from GitHub and over to GitLab. Why? Well, the main reason is, that I kinda like the interface of GitLab (not everybody might share this, but that's why there's a variety of platforms). Also, GitLab's code itself is open-source whereas GitHub's code is not, so this is another way to support open-source software. And last but not least, GitHub is turning more and more into what SourceForge once was. Considering what SourceForge became now-a-days, I'd rather use a true open-source alternative now (it's an issue of trust). So the new main project location will be:

All the issues have been moved over to GitLab, so I have disabled them on GitHub. However, I'll be keeping the code on GitHub for another little while to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Note, however, that GitLab will only contain 2 (instead of 3) repositories:
- photoqt - The current code basis
- photoqt-legacy - Version 1.2.1, the last version based on Qt/QWidgets (just for reference, no development will happen there anymore...).

Enjoy PhotoQt :-)