PhotoQt v4.5

What's been happening with PhotoQt

Published: 18th of September, 2019

It has been rather quiet around PhotoQt over the past year. Unfortunately life has been a little too busy to also work on PhotoQt. However, this is slowly changing now and the next version of PhotoQt (version 2.0) is back on its way.

The next version of PhotoQt (version 2.0) will be based on the newer iteration of Qt Quick Controls (version 2 instead of 1) which removes the need for all kinds of dirty workarounds I had to do in order to get PhotoQt to look and behave the way it is supposed to. Most of the workarounds I had to find are features that are properly supported in the new version of Qt Quick Controls.

There is still some work left to be done before PhotoQt 2.0 will be ready. Here is a short teaser of some of the new features already implemented:
Stay tuned! The next release of PhotoQt will be amazing!