PhotoQt v4.5

Photo 0.9 beta

Published: 6th of January, 2013

Later as originally planned, but finally it is here: The beta for version 0.9 of Photo! A lot of work has gone into it. Pretty much the complete code has been re-written and re-structured. Many bugs have been avoided and features added/fixed. Now, before the final release comes out, I want to add some time of testing, also to give the translators a little time to translate the many new/changed strings.

Here you can go to the beta testing site to get some more information specific about the beta release. The planned release date for the final release is the 15/01/2013. However, this date is not carved in stone, and under certain circumstances could change a little, but certainly not a whole lot!

Give the beta a go and report any issues you find... :-)