PhotoQt v4.5

PhotoQt v2.2

Published: 7th of June, 2021

About 4 months after the last release it is now time for the all new release of PhotoQt v2.2. The main focus of this release is on improving the user experience, even though there have also been a few new additions.

Some of the highlights of the changes in this new release include: These are just some of the bigger changes, there have been a range of smaller additions and a number of bug fixes. You can find a longer list of what has changed in the Changelog. Yet even better: Download the latest version and try it out for yourself!

If you want to help PhotoQt, there are a few ways you can do so:
  1. Join the translation team over on Crowdin. If your language is missing you can simply request it directly on Crowdin or send me an email and I can add it to the project.
  2. Give feedback of what you like/don't like, or what you think is missing from PhotoQt. To give feedback, send me an email or open an issue on GitLab.
  3. Support me with a small donation to show your appreciation of all the time I spend developing/maintaining PhotoQt.

Enjoy PhotoQt,