PhotoQt v4.5

PreviewQt v3.0

Published: 22nd of May, 2024

PreviewQt 3.0 brings a whole range of new and exciting features, including e-book support, adjusting window size to content, and the ability to request PreviewQt (through shortcut) to load any selected file in the Dolphin file manager.

New file types

This release marks the point in time where PreviewQt supports more file types than PhotoQt. Starting with this release, PreviewQt is now capable of loading e-books (epub). Besides parsing the content, it is possible to scale the font size, and PreviewQt will remember where you left off last time and allow you to resume right from there next time.

Using PreviewQt to load selected file

If you are using KDE's Dolphin file manager, it is now possible to invoke PreviewQt to load any file you have currently selected in an active window of Dolphin. To do so, set up a new global shortcut (e.g., Ctrl+Space or whatever else you want) for the command previewqt --load-selected-file. Now select any file in Dolphin, invoke that shortcut, and PreviewQt should pop up with that file loaded.

At the moment, this feature is only supported for KDE's Dolphin. This is possible as both Dolphin and Qt provide nice DBus interfaces that allow for querying whether a window is active and allows requesting which file is currently selected. I'm currently working on figuring out how to add support for other file managers as well. If you know of some way this could be done, please let me know as that would be very helpful to know.

Window resizing

Starting with this release PreviewQt can adjust its window size to the content. It does so by finding the largest version of the current content that fits into the set window size. If supported by the desktop environment (unfortunately Wayland is not in this category) it also tries to keep the window in its current position, otherwise it might be off-center a little.

To enable this behavior, head to the settings and make sure to select "Resize window to content".


PreviewQt is now able to localize its interface into different languages. At the moment, only English and German are available. Do you want to help? Check out the project page over on Crowdin.

Other changes and fixes

There have been a several other smaller improvements and bug fixes – for example, color profile handling, fixed photo sphere handling, caching of images for faster reload speed. For a more complete overview, take a look at the Changelog.

PreviewQt is still rather new, I welcome any feedback or comments you have. What do you (not) like? Anything you think should be changed? Please let me know either by email, or open an issue in its GitLab repository.

You want to help out? Why not join the translation team for PreviewQt over on Crowdin. If your language is missing you can simply request it directly on Crowdin or send me an email/message and I will add it to the project.

If you are considering supporting PhotoQt by donation, please consider donating to the humanitarian relief in Ukraine instead, for example to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Enjoy PreviewQt,