Website moved to paid hoster

>> Published: 14th of November 2012

Until now I've used a freehoster ( for hosting the website of Photo. The hoster itself didn't really cause any problems. But I've registered the free domain name "" to have a short and easy to remember URL. And that caused some problems.

Repeatedly "" simply wasn't reachable. E.g. that's happening right now: for a couple days already, cannot be accessed.

To deal with those issues once and for all, I decided to move the website to a paid hoster. I don't mind the couple Euros I have to pay a year (the prices are very reasonable!) and this finally provides a reliable source for Photo in the internet.

The new URL for Photo is:

Please update all your links and RSS Feed URLs to point to that! There wont be any new content at anymore, and I'll soon-ish get rid of it completely.