PhotoQt v4.5

PhotoQt v4.0-beta - request for testing

Published: 6th of December, 2023

The final release of PhotoQt v4.0 is getting close. This version will be a major overhaul of the code, including a switch from Qt5 to Qt6. It already has been extensively tested, but more testing is needed to make sure it works as intended. A beta version for testing is now ready in different formats:

Please test the beta version if you are able to. However, keep in mind that there might still be some (so far undiscovered) bugs, or missing features. If you do test it and come across anything that isn't working or isn't quite right, please let me know, preferably by opening on issue on GitLab, but you can also send me an email: (you need to enable javascript to see the email address)

In your report, please include (1) what operating system you are running, (2) the version number (there might be multiple beta versions), (3) how you installed the beta version, and (4) what steps would allow for a reproduction of any issue (if possible).

More information about the numerous changes and improvements will come with the final release of v4.0, so stay tuned. If no major issues comes up, this final release might happen as soon as next week, but could be pushed back if needed.

Enjoy PhotoQt,