PhotoQt v4.5

PhotoQt v1.0beta

Published: 31st of July, 2013

It has been already a little over half year since the last release. Quite a long time, mainly caused me having a lot to do for university. But I think, after that much time the new release will be even more exciting!

The current code on GitHub is almost ready for the final release of v1.0, so I think it's time to officially call it 'v1.0beta'. Everything seems to be working quite well so far and I haven't come across any major bugs anymore. But I need your help to make sure that v1.0 will be the best release ever with as few bugs as never before!
A lot has changed again since v0.9.1. The most obvious change probably is the speed: Version 1.0 will be a lot faster in many regards.

I don't have just yet a finished changelog with all the changes since the last release. But it will be there for the stable 1.0 release. Until then, just try it out, test all the new functions, and let me know if you come across something that doesn't seem to be quite right.

Note: I don't recommend switching completely over to v1.0beta just yet. Although it is working pretty well, there might be (and probably are) some bugs here and there that still needs to be fixed. But I do encourage you to test it locally :-)