PhotoQt v4.5

Photo v0.9.1 - some major bugs fixed

Published: 22nd of January, 2013

An application is never perfect. And although I gave Photo v0.9 some thorough testing beforehand, some bugs just slipped through unnoticed:

1) In v0.9 it's not possible to open an image with Photo by clicking on it. Thanks to Tankafaire in helping me track down and fix the issue!
2) Starting Photo minimised to the system tray wasn't quite useful, because when loading an image it (a) wouldn't show up automatically, (b) the first time it would show the "Open File" window twice before loading the image.
3) Last but not least, rotation according to the exif data was done the wrong way round (anti-clockwise instead of clockwise).

These three bugs are now fixed in v0.9.1. Otherwise not much has changed, except the introduction of a verbose mode. Starting Photo with the "--v" or "--verbose" option now produces a lot of output that is very handy and useful for tracking down bugs.

Hope you're experience with Photo is a good one :-)