PhotoQt v4.5

Photo v0.8.2 - Language update (& 2 minor fixes) - AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHOTO

Published: 13th of December, 2012

First of all, I'm happy to see Photo's first anniversary!! On 08/12/2011 I uploaded the very first release of Photo to qt-apps.org. Since then a lot has happened! Thank you all for being part of this, and lets see what the next year will bring :-)


This update was planned for a little while already. But I got bogged down with college work during exams... Thus sorry for the delay!

There are three new languages available now in Photo: French, Hungarian and Vietnamese. Also, some of the already existing languages were updated.
A big Thank You to all the translators!

Some translations aren't yet completed, and some don't even have somebody looking after them at the moment. If you want to help improve Photo, head over to Transifex :-)

There also was another small fix: The desktop file got a little enhancement (The Exec File was changed to "Exec=photo %f"). On some platforms, the missing "%f" prevented the users from selecting photo as a default image viewer.

This update again doesn't bring any bigger changes (well, (almost) nothing but languages updates), but the next all-new version of Photo is getting closer to its beta-release. I originally planned to release v0.9 sometime around now, but my studies had other plans with my time unfortunately... Watch the "News" here for more info on that!

I also want to apologize again for the sudden move from photoqt.co.cc to photoqt.org. The reason for photoqt.co.cc suddenly not being available anymore was totally out of my control: The url wasn't a proper subdomain, but was registered by some company I think in South Korea (it was free, that's why I chose it). As far as I know, that company went out of business without any prior notice, and hence photoqt.co.cc (and all other *.co.cc domains) suddenly became unavailable. Now that the website is hosted at a paid hoster, that wont happen again :-)