PhotoQt v4.4

PhotoQt v1.1beta

Published: 2nd of October, 2014

Finally it's here: After more than a year of on and off development, the beta of version 1.1 is ready for testing and translation!

There have been quite a few changes once again (all of them, I believe, good changes)... give it a try and let me know of any bugs! There's plenty of work to do in terms of translating PhotoQt, so if you're up for giving a hand, head over to Transifex.

The code of the beta version can be downloaded from GitHub (zip file or better: 'git clone https://github.com/luspi/photoqt-dev'). For a list of some of the changes, have a look at the Changelog. I'm hoping to release the final version 1.1 by the end of next week (depends on translations and bugs found in the meantime)...

Hope you like it so far :-)