PhotoQt v4.5

Name change (and other things)

Published: 23rd of May, 2013

If you have been checking git lately, for close to three months there haven't been any changes/updates to the code (except for some updates about two weeks ago). That was due to university exams I had over the past little while. But now I'm done with them, so I'll be picking up the development again.

And on this note, there is a NAME CHANGE coming: 'Photo' will be renamed to 'PhotoQt'. It's not a huge change, but I'm sure a step in the right direction.

Why this change? Well, the old name 'Photo' is not a very creative name. I came up with 'Photo' as I was first uploading it to qt-apps.org. I didn't think that I'd be developing it for more than a year now already, otherwise I would have put a little more thought into the name in first place. 'PhotoQt' might at first glance not look a whole lot more creative, but it has some advantages: Searching the internet for 'photo' results in all kinds of results, but most of them not very helpful (in regards to this application). However, searching for 'photoqt' already now brings several pages relating to this application as top results. Some people/websites even had already assumed its name is 'PhotoQt', and used this name as they wrote about it or used it in emails. That's probably also due to the fact, that the website itself is photoqt.org. These are the main reasons why I decided to rename 'Photo' to 'PhotoQt'. It's still similar enough to the old name, but at the same time that little bit different (I'd even dare to say: better).

Another addition that'll be coming: All of PhotoQt's dependencies (except of course Qt and cmake for compiling) can be disabled if wanted, i.e. it'll be possible to compile PhotoQt with Qt being its only dependency. Of course, some features won't be available if they're disabled, but some might prefer to have a more lightweight application than one with more features. And compiling PhotoQt e.g. on Windows has been a little difficult in the past, getting it to compile with exiv2 etc. (I don't know of anyone who has been successful in doing so). However, compiling something that depends on Qt only is rather simple...

If you already want to give the development version a go, check Git (Note: The URL for github has changed in line with the name change!)