latest version: 3.4

Photo v0.8.1.2 - major bug fixed

Published: 9th of November, 2012

A bugfix included in v0.8.1 (and also v0.8.1.1) caused another bug to surface: Clicking with the mouse anywhere on the main image area caused Photo to crash (if no shortcut was set for "Left Button").

This is a major bug that affects most users. I highly recommend everybody to update to v0.8.1.2!!

I know, this is already the third release in a row. And both bugs that were the reason for the bugfix release yesterday and today could have been easily discovered and fixed beforehand, if there would have been a little more testing. That's why before v0.9 will be released, there will be a beta release for testing and bugfixing to avoid such situations in the future.

My apologies...