PhotoQt v4.5

Introducing ImgurQt

Published: 3rd of February, 2017

Today I want to quickly introduce a new small application called ImgurQt. ImgurQt is a simple console application (also based on Qt) that implements some of the basic commands of the imgur.com APIv3. All of the code is hosted on GitLab.

Initially, ImgurQt wasn't planned at all, but as I was developing the functionality to add it to PhotoQt, it seemed like a logical step to also publish it as a standalone application. It does not come with any GUI, though the Qt libraries are used in the code. By design, all of the actual functionality is kept separately from the program flow. This way, it should be fairly easy to use the code in other applications. All you need are the files in the src subdirectory of the source tree. Check out the README for more detailed information.

ImgurQt does not implement the full imgur.com APIv3, only the basics: Authenticating with an account, uploading an image either to the connected account or anonymously, and deleting an image using a deletion hash. I currently don't plan on adding many more features to ImgurQt, as this is all I currently need for PhotoQt. Though if there is enough interest, then I might consider expanding it.

Hope you find this useful!

Enjoy ImgurQt :-)