PhotoQt v4.4

PhotoQt on Windows

Published: 8th of November, 2014

After the last release I got some feedback regarding the Windows version of PhotoQt... Until then, I provided a simple setup file, but I didn't test PhotoQt at all (and some features actually didn't work). Plus, I didn't include Exiv2 and GraphicsMagick, as I didn't have them installed in my cross compiler environment. I hadn't thought, that anybody is really using PhotoQt on Windows anyway - but I was wrong! In fact, it is the third most downloaded file from photoqt.org, about 2000 times (after the source file ~9000 times, and the Ubuntu file/info page ~6500 times)!

With the help of VirtualBox I was able to track down the problems (they usually boiled down to a missing DLL). And now, about three and a half weeks later, I managed to also get both Exiv2 and GraphicsMagick compiled with my Mingw32 cross compiler on Linux, and thus I have uploaded the new Windows setup files: 32 Bit | 64 Bit

Two important notes:
  1. When using PhotoQt on Windows, you might encounter the problem, that neither the metadata widget, nor the dropdown menu, nor the quicksettings widget show on mouse hovering. I haven't found the reason for that behaviour yet (it's still a mystery to me), but there is a simple workaround: Once you start PhotoQt in compatibility mode (any one of them), everything is working fine (don't ask my why!).
    If anybody out there knows what's causing this odd behaviour, I'd be very glad to hear from you!
  2. If you're reinstalling the new version, you will have to manually enable the Exiv2 and GraphicsMagick features in the settings, as they were disabled previously. If you are newly installing PhotoQt on Windows, they should be enabled from the start.

I am once again very busy with my Masters degree right now (Algebra is a pain!), but I do hope to get cracking on some bug fixes and improvements over the next couple weeks...