PhotoQt v4.5

Update: I'm back!

Published: 21st of July, 2014

It has been a little while, since I added any changes/improvements to the code of PhotoQt... Life has been pretty busy so far:

I finished my Bachelor in Mathematics about a month ago and moved from Ireland back to Germany. Now I'm preparing my move to Newfoundland, Canada to pursue a Masters degree in Mathematics for the next two years!

Development of PhotoQt will be rather active again for the next two weeks or so before it'll shortly slow down again (as I move to Canada). I will soon also reply to all those emails that were left unanswered so far. PhotoQt is not dead! And I hope it will never be!

Apologies to everybody who was afraid of that, and to everybody that tried to get in touch with me and didn't succeed! I hope that wont ever happen again!