PhotoQt v1.7 is now available

PhotoQt v1.7 comes only about three months after v1.6, yet it once again brings a host of changes and improvements. Besides general speed improvements, it brings a wider range of supported image formats, several new and exciting features and fixes many bugs.

Here are some of the main changes you can find in this release:
  • FreeImage, DevIL, Poppler, libarchive, unrar: PhotoQt can now make use of all of these image libraries (in addition to GraphicsMagick and libraw) to display your images. Together with proper support for KImageFormats, this roughly doubles the number of images PhotoQt can display!
  • File Endings and MIME types: PhotoQt used to only consider the ending of a file to determine whether it is a known image or not. This caused images with wrong file endings to not be detected. PhotoQt now first considers the file ending and then also the MIME type of a file to see if it can be displayed. As usual, the user remains in full control over which file endings or MIME types PhotoQt should or should not take into consideration. Please note, that due to these massive changes, any previous settings regarding the image formats could not be preserved!
  • Face Tags: Various photo programs allow the tagging of faces in an image and store this information in the image XMP metadata. PhotoQt now joins their ranks by not only displaying such information but also allowing the user to add/remove tags.
  • Basic Window Management: Even though most window managers are generally doing a much better job at managing PhotoQt, there could be circumstances where you might need some help from PhotoQt. A click-and-drag on the quick info labels (where the filename/... is shown) moves the window around, and a double click on this same label (un-)maximizes the window. Please note that this is DISabled by default, it needs to be enabled in the settings first!
  • Small Screens: The usability of PhotoQt on very small screens or in window mode were somewhat limited, with rather a lot of information outside of the visible area. This was especially noticeable (and annoying) in the settings manager. But no more, PhotoQt now properly adjusts its interface to work on large as well as small screens!
  • Speed improvements: Yes, there have also been many speed improvements, again! In particular, images are loading a good bit faster now. For example: Loading an image with GraphicsMagick is now up to 30 times faster than before!
Of course, there have been several other changes too. A few more are listed in the Changelog, but the best would be to just give it a try and see for yourself! I am confident that you will love it too!

Enjoy PhotoQt,

Lukas Spies

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