PhotoQt v1.7.1 – squashing some bugs

There have unfortunately been some bugs that snuck into v1.7 that remained unnoticed before the last release. Thanks to some fantastic users these bugs have been found, reported and now fixed! As some of them have a rather big impact on the usability of PhotoQt, here is a small bug fix release to take care of them.

These are the bugs that have been fixed:
  • Animated images would not load: This bug was due to a mistake in the function that takes care of the percentage encoding of filenames, it did not handle paths starting with 'file://' properly
  • The more images in a directory the slower PhotoQt would load first image: When loading an image in a directory with thousands of pictures, this delay was not just noticeable, it was just plain annoying. And while PhotoQt was busy loading the images, its interface remained unresponsive. PhotoQt is now much smarter in reusing information about files to display images again very quickly (more or less immediately).
  • Deleting an image would lead to infinite 'loading' indicator: To see this bug, simply delete any image and move two images in either direction. This was caused by a property binding that got broken during the deletion process.
  • List of releases in appdata file was in reverse order: This bug is not really visible and did not affect the usability of PhotoQt in any way. Nonetheless, it was there and it was not right.

Besides these fixes, there has been one tiny addition to PhotoQt:
Sometimes it takes a second or two for an element to load, in particular for the settings (as there are so many of them). To give some feedback that something is happening while the interface is unresponsive, the cursor will now be changed to a 'busy' cursor. A tiny change, yet very useful I believe.

I am sorry that these bugs have snuck into the last release, and I hope this update makes it to your machines very quickly!

Enjoy PhotoQt,

Lukas Spies

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