PhotoQt v1.2beta

It hasn't been long since version 1.1 was released, but now the beta version 1.2 is available for translation and testing.

Between release 1.0 and 1.1, there has been a long time gap. Due to college I had to step back from developing PhotoQt for a while. Though version 1.1 was another step up from version 1.0, I think, it didn't quite get the care during development that I'd liked to give.

That's why version 1.2 was mainly focussed on smoothing PhotoQt out, and trying to implement most (if not all) of the feature requests I got over the past 2-ish years. Thus a lot of the changes for version 1.2 are rather small changes, but equally important ones. Here is a preliminary list of the changes. For the final release of v1.2 I'll write up some more details about some of them:

  • GraphicsMagick: More thorough testing and fixing
  • Intelligent detection of supported fileformats on first start
  • Colour filetype tiles of unsupported formats orange (qt formats only)
  • Add SVG support
  • Add XCF support (depending on XCFtools)
  • Add PSB/PSD support (depending on libqpsd)
  • Smart preloading of folder, better support for large directories (15,000+ files)
  • Add sorting criteria for files (name, natural name, filesize, date)
  • Fix&Improve: Restore support for Trash on Linux
  • Re-worked thumbnail handling: faster, more reliable, new "smart thumbnails" mode
  • Option to stay centered on active thumbnail
  • Dynamically detect supported context menu entries
  • Option to switch between close/not close when selecting context menu entry
  • Remember zoom levels/rotation per session
  • Option to fit smaller images in window
  • Improved handling of windowed/fullscreen mode
  • Window always stays on top
  • Normal/Fancy look for closing 'x' top right
  • Automatic language detection on first start-up (system locale)
  • Change: Main animation is now 'fade-in' (+Possibility to disable altogether)
  • Wheel sensitivity settings
  • Opt-in to High-DPI pixmaps (Qt >= 5.4.0)
  • Fix: Proper handling of window flags
  • Re-ordering of settings (basic and advanced category)
  • Re-ordering and extending of quicksettings
  • Fix: Composite detection (not possible in Qt5 on Linux)
  • Loop and Shuffle option in Slideshow
  • Fix: Scaling preserves Exiv metadata
  • Many fixes, improvements, and removal of quite a bit of redundant code

Please, try it out (code at GitHub) and let me know of any bugs or comments you have about it. For translations, head to Transifex.

The final release of version 1.2 is planned for the second week of the new year,
around the 8th-10th of January.

Please note, however, that this is not a guaranteed time frame.

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