Online Manual / Shortcuts

Here you can find an overview of the default shortcuts set in PhotoQt. All of them can be changed from the settings, in its last tab. All possible shortcuts come with reasonable defaults, but as everybody has a different taste, it might be worth your time to adjust them according to your taste. You can do so from the last tab in the settings manager. Even if you decide to leave a feature without shortcut, it is always available from the main menu along the right screen edge.

On top of all the internal features listed below that can be called by shortcuts, it is also possible to set a shortcut for any external script/program/... you have!

NavigationOpen New File>O
Right Button+West+East
Next Image>Right
Right Button+East
Previous Image>Left
Right Button+W
Go to first Image>Home
Go to last Image>End
Filter Images in Folder>Ctrl+F
Hide to System Tray (if enabled)>Escape
Right Button+SES
Quit PhotoQt>Q
ImageZoom In>+
Ctrl+Wheel Up
Right Button+N
Zoom Out>-
Ctrl+Wheel Down
Right Button+S
Zoom to Actual Size>1
Reset Zoom>0
Rotate Right>R
Rotate Left>L
Reset Rotation>Ctrl+0
Flip Horizontally>Ctrl+H
Flip Vertically>Ctrl+V
Scale Image>Ctrl+X
File ManagementRename File>F2
Delete File>Delete
Copy File to a New Location>Ctrl+C
Move File to a New Location>Ctrl+M
OtherHide/Show Exif Info>Ctrl+E
Show Settings>P
Start Slideshow>M
Start Slideshow (Quickstart)>Shift+M
About PhotoQt>I
Set as Wallpaper>W
Show Histogram>H