latest version: 2.9.1
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Online Manual

One of the strengths of PhotoQt is its wide variety of supported shortcuts and commands. There is a set of default shortcuts set when you first start PhotoQt, but they all can be adjusted to your liking. The table below lists all the available commands and their respective default shortcuts. They are broken up into their various categories as they can be found in the settings.

In addition to the built-in command you can also set a shortcut to trigger some external app or script.

Explore shortcuts for category: Navigation | Image | File | Other

Zoom In+
Ctrl + +
Ctrl + =
Ctrl + Wheel Up
Wheel Up
Zoom Out-
Ctrl + -
Ctrl + Wheel Down
Wheel Down
Zoom to Actual Size1
Ctrl + 1
Reset Zoom0
Rotate RightR
Rotate LeftL
Reset RotationCtrl + 0
Flip HorizontallyCtrl + H
Flip VerticallyCtrl + V
Scale ImageCtrl + X
Play/Pause animation/videoShift + P
Hide/Show face tags (stored in metadata)Ctrl + Shift + F
Tag faces (stored in metadata)Ctrl + F
Rename FileF2
Delete FileDelete
Delete File Permanently (without confirmation)[no default]
Copy File to a New LocationCtrl + C
Move File to a New LocationCtrl + M
Copy Image to ClipboardCtrl + Shift + C
Save image in another formatCtrl + Shift + S
Ctrl + S
Hide/Show main menuM
Hide/Show metadataE
Keep metadata openedShift + E
Hide/Show thumbnailsCtrl + T
Show SettingsP
Start SlideshowS
Start Slideshow (Quickstart)Shift + S
About PhotoQtI
Set as WallpaperW
Show HistogramH
Upload to imgur.com (anonymously)Ctrl + Shift + I
Upload to imgur.com user account[no default]