Online Manual

Here you can find an overview of all the settings, a little explanation, and their respective entries plus possible values in the settings config file. The default value is usually shown in bold. The settings file is located in the CONFIG_DIR which on Linux systems typically is ~/.config/PhotoQt/.

Look and Feel
// Sort Images
// Window Mode
// Hide to Tray Icon
// Closing 'X'
// Fit in Window
// Show Quickinfo (Text Labels)
// Background
// Overlay Color
// Margin Around Image
// Click on Empty Area
// Looping
// Smooth Transition
// Transparency Marker
// Size of 'Hot Edge'
// Mouse Wheel Sensitivity
// Interpolation
// Pixmap Cache
// Re-open last used image at startup
// Keep between images
// Animation and Window Geometry

// Thumbnail Size
// Spacing Between Thumbnails
// Lift-Up of Thumbnails
// Visibility
// Keep in Center
// Top or Bottom
// Label on Thumbnails
// Filename Thumbnail
// Disable thumbnails
// Thumbnail Cache

// Enable 'Hot Edge'
// Meta Information
// Font Size
// Opacity
// Automatic Rotate/Flip
// Online Map for GPS