PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are currently a little out-of-date! They will be updated very soon, so come back later...

PhotoQt is now also packed for Flatpak. To install the Flatpak package, you first need to install the KDE runtime. If you already have it installed, you can skip this step!

Open a terminal and type the following one line at a time:
wget https://distribute.kde.org/kdeflatpak.asc
flatpak remote-add kde https://distribute.kde.org/flatpak-testing --gpg-import=kdeflatpak.asc
flatpak install kde org.kde.Platform

Please note, that KDE states that it's not perfected yet and it "might also eat your pet or first-born". Also, it seems that the KDE runtime is currently only available for 64-Bit systems, not (yet) for 32-Bit systems.

Now, after you have the KDE runtime installed, you can install PhotoQt via:

wget http://photoqt.org/photoqtflatpak.asc
flatpak remote-add photoqt http://photoqt.org/flatpak --gpg-import=photoqtflatpak.asc
flatpak install photoqt org.qt.photoqt

That's it! Now you can run PhotoQt this way:

flatpak run org.qt.photoqt

Please note, that even though PhotoQt is mostly working just fine this way, there are still a few things that aren't yet working properly. Mainly, it currently is not possible to run any other application from inside PhotoQt (for example, opening an image with GIMP from inside PhotoQt doesn't work yet).

Check it out, and if you have any feedback, please let me know!

2 comments on: Flatpak

  1. Laurent Bonnaud says:

    There is a small typo in the instructions above:

    flatpak remote-add kde https://distribute.kde.or/flatpak-testing –gpg-import=kdeflatpak.asc

    should be:

    flatpak remote-add kde https://distribute.kde.org/flatpak-testing –gpg-import=kdeflatpak.asc

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