PhotoQt 1.5.1, by Lukas Spies
License: GPLv2 or later
Cost: nothing, it's free

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About PhotoQt

PhotoQt is an image viewer that does things a little different. Its unique interface might remind some of the 'Lightbox' image viewer that can be found on some websites. Others might be reminded of smartphone image viewers. In the end, there are certainly similarities, however, PhotoQt is written and optimised for normal desktop usage. As such, the main interface consists of nothing but the viewed image, with a few elements available as fade-in/slide-in (e.g., thumbnails along the bottom edge). It might be a little odd at first to use, but I believe its speed and flexibility allows it to adapt perfectly to each individual workflow.

I started developing PhotoQt during the second year of my undergraduate degree. Since then it has been an ongoing hobby of mine, spending many hours of my free time working on it. Looking at some of the older versions (if you're curious, here you can check out all of the older versions) PhotoQt has come a long way since it's birth about 5 years ago... and I'm long not done with it!

About Me

I'm Lukas Spies, the sole developer of PhotoQt. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Karlsruhe in the southwest of Germany. Shortly after finishing school, I went to Ireland for one year to do some voluntary social work with Operation Mobilisation (OM), working mostly with kids and teens. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, so I decided to stay on the island and moved to Galway along the west coast to do my undergraduate degree in Mathematical Science at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

After I successfully completed my degree there, I moved to St. John's in Newfoundland, Canada to pursue a Masters degree in Scientific Computing (with Mathematics) at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. I successfully completed my studies there in August 2016 with the completion of my Masters thesis entitled Structured-grid multigrid with Taylor-Hood finite elements in which I explore the subject of a structured multigrid solver and its parallelisation on GPUs (if you're curious, here's a copy of the final version of my thesis).

Towards the end of August 2016, I moved directly from St. Johns, Canada, to Champaign, IL, in the United States of America. For one year, I'll be working here as a research assistant at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My research focus will mainly be on looking at GPUs and how they possibly can be employed to make some software package even more efficient.

After working as a research assistant this year, I'm planning on doing my PhD in Scientific Computing, likely on a topic related to GPUs. I haven't decided yet where I'd like to continue my studies, possibly here in Illinois, possibly somewhere else... Time will tell!


There have been (and there will be) times where there seems to be very little to no development happening for a few weeks. This typically happens whenever life gets very busy for me. These dry periods, however, typically don't last very long. So don't panic if you see that happening, it doesn't mean I have abandoned PhotoQt!

Ultimate Goal

If there's one thing I want to achieve with PhotoQt, then it is, that you find it useful. But developing something like PhotoQt takes up quite a bit of my time. If you like PhotoQt, and if you're able to, I'd be really happy if you could spare a Euro/Dollar/... or two to show appreciation for this little application of mine. Thanks a million :-)

Thanks to everybody who's helping with a translation or spreads the word about PhotoQt. This project could not exist without all of you!