Ubuntu and Windows users: I have good news!

I made some progress regarding a Ubuntu PPA and the Windows executables:

Lets start with Ubuntu:
About two weeks before version 1.3 was released, the PPA that used to contain PhotoQt was discontinued. Thus, as the time for v1.3 came around, the only option Ubuntu users had was to install PhotoQt using either the 32Bit or 64Bit deb-package. However, now there's a new PPA available, and this one wont suddenly disappear out of nowhere (as it is maintained by me)! To add the new PPA and install PhotoQt from there, simply run the following from a terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:~lumas/photoqt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install photoqt

As PhotoQt needs at least Qt 5.3 (though 5.4 or 5.5 is recommended), it is not available for 14.04LTS, as it ships with the very old version of 5.2... You first need to update your Qt installation there before installing PhotoQt, e.g., from the still-provided package files on the Downloads page.

Since the last release, the only option Windows users had in order to install PhotoQt, was a basic 32Bit installer (i.e., no option for GraphicsMagick or Exiv2). After many trials and errors, I finally managed to compile both a basic and full version and (most importantly) to run and use them in Windows (tested on Windows 7)! So you can once again download and install either one from the Downloads page.
So far, only a 32Bit version is available, but that shouldn't pose a problem (as it also runs on 64Bit systems). Also, gif and tiff support is currently still missing, though I unfortunately might not be able to do anything about this for the moment...

Please let me know, if anything is not working properly!


9 comments on: Ubuntu and Windows users: I have good news!

  1. mihai says:

    I use Linux Mint 17.2 Mate 32. I can not install PhotoQT.
    @ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:~lumas/photoqt
    @ ‘No JSON object could be decoded’.

    • Lukas Spies says:

      Hi mihai,

      Sorry for only replying now, I was on a hiking holiday the past two weeks…

      Yes, the current PPA doesn’t work with Linux Mint, as it is based on Ubuntu 14.04 which only ships a very old version of the graphical toolkit Qt (unfortunately too old for PhotoQt). I’m currently trying to figure out the necessary steps to get PhotoQt up and running in Mint, and I think I’m almost there. If not today, then hopefully tomorrow I will have a way figured out! I’ll let you know!


      • Lukas Spies says:

        Hi mihai,

        There are now instructions on how to install PhotoQt in Linux Mint available on the ‘Linux Mint’ downloads page. It does require a little bit of work, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it 🙂
        If you try and run into any problems, let me know and I can try to help!

  2. Kas says:

    Any time frame for a working release of this for inux Mint ?

    Thank you for all the work you have done !!!

    • Lukas Spies says:

      Hi Kas,

      My apologies for the delay, I was on a hiking holiday the past two weeks…

      I did make some progress in figuring out the necessary steps for installing in in Mint. I have one final obstacle to overcome (a wrong version of libexiv2). If not today, then hopefully tomorrow I will have it working! I’ll let you know!


      • Kas says:

        Thank you so very much !!! Your work is greatly appreciated and this program is AWESOME !!!

        • Lukas Spies says:

          Thanks, I’m glad you like it 🙂

          And I also have some good news, I finished creating some instructions for how to install the latest version in Linux Mint. It does require a little bit of manual work, but all the steps (plus short descriptions what they do) can be found on the ‘Linux Mint’ download page now… I tested them in a fresh install of Linux Mint, and it seemed to work just fine. Let me know if you run into any troubles…

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