This list gives a little overview of what's coming in the next version(s) of PhotoQt. The list is ordered by the state of the features:
  1. Features that are completed:  COMPLETED 
  2. Features that I am currently working on:  WORKING ON IT 
  3. Features that I am hoping/planning to implement for the next release:  PLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE 
  4. Features that I am thinking about, but that are not planned for the next release:  LATER RELEASE 
Please note, that this list is neither complete nor set in stone. I might (and probably will) implement features that are not mentioned here yet. However, I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. Please let me know of any feature that you might be interested in!

For a list of known bugs (and their state) in v1.6, see here.

Increase number of supported image formatsWORKING ON IT
More thumbnails options (same height, image resolution label)PLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE
Improve and increase number of unit testsPLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE
Show current zoom level in quickinfo areaPLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE
Improve usability on small screens and in window modePLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE
Load/Store location/names of people/faces in a picture in its metadataPLANNED FOR NEXT RELEASE
Add Wallpaper support for WindowsLATER RELEASE
Add more transitioning effectsLATER RELEASE
Making image manipulations (rotation/flipping) permanentLATER RELEASE
Support of trash (recycle bin) in WindowsLATER RELEASE
Cropping imagesLATER RELEASE
Window buttons without window manager decoration (i.e., custom solution)LATER RELEASE
Black/White quick preview feasible? (particularly for large images)LATER RELEASE
Importing images from camera into folder structureLATER RELEASE
Make entries in the mainmenu adjustableLATER RELEASE