PhotoQt v1.4.1 – fixing some bugs

It has been just over two weeks have passed since v1.4 was released. And there have been a few bug reports dripping in since then. I had hoped to catch all of them before releasing v1.4, but unfortunately some slipped through. Hence, PhotoQt v1.4.1 fixed a total of 17 bugs (sorted below in the order in which they were fixed), and adds only a single tiny thing:
  • Fix: External Shortcuts aren't working
  • Fix: Detecting a key combination for a shortcut didn't work when a language other than English was set
  • Fix: Disabling of thumbnails wasn't preserved across sessions
  • Fix: Not possible to change setting for Extras filetypes (xcf and psd/psb)
  • Fix: Deleting images that had non-Latin characters in their filepath/filename didn't work
  • Fix: Pressing the 'Enter' key in a CustomLineEdit went to a second line
  • Fix: Renaming a file didn't reload the directory or hide the 'Rename' element
  • Fix: Add 'missing' photoqt.appdata.xml file to source tree
  • Fix: Impossible to use '+' (normal and keypad) for shortcuts
  • Fix: Resizing PhotoQt in window mode didn't adjust the width/height of the image container properly
  • Fix: Triggering 'floatable' mode of MetaData element didn't adjust width/height of image container
  • Fix: RAW: PhotoQt would always load at most a half-sized image instead of the full one
  • Fix: Handling of non-Latin characters faulty in certain cases
  • Fix: PhotoQt sometimes would load the thumbnails with a higher priority than the main image
  • Fix: Database info in settings manager didn't update automatically after cleaning/emptying database
  • Fix: When loading a folder, thumbnails sometimes wouldn't start loading automatically
  • Fix: RAW fileformats are not enabled by default (when compiled with LibRaw support)
  • Add: Shortcut to hard-delete a file directly, by-passing the confirmation element
I highly recommend upgrading from v1.4 to v1.4.1 (grab it from the downloads page) as this will drastically enhance your experience with PhotoQt!

And if I could ask for a favor: Please help hunting bugs in PhotoQt! If you come across anything not working in v1.4.1, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. And if you come across a beta testing for a new release of PhotoQt, I would highly appreciate it if you take the time to try it out and share your experience with me. I'd also be more than happy to help with any difficulty you might encounter during compilation (though it should be a rather straight-forward process).

Also a quick note regarding where to find the source code: I manage the source code through GitLab repository, however, the source code is automatically also mirrored back to a GitHub repository. So even though I'll keep using GitLab for my day-to-day development, everything is also visible and available through GitHub. And I'm happy to provide support in either place!

Enjoy PhotoQt :-)

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