On the road to PhotoQt v1.5

It's that time again, we're getting close to a new release!!

Over the past few months, there have been numerous changes, bug fixes and improvements to PhotoQt. To get a rough idea of some of the bigger changes, check out the roadmap, all the items marked in green have made their way into the codebase for v1.5. But this is only part of the story, there are many more not on the list. And many newly discovered bugs have been fixed and more will be fixed by the time the final release is out (aiming for before the end of the year, depending on bug hunt and translations). Update: The new release date aimed for is the weekend of January 7/8.

Long story short: PhotoQt has now officially entered the beta testing stage. I hope to catch as many remaining bugs as possible before the final release, but I need your help with that! Please, give it a try! You can find the latest source code on GitLab in the development branch. In order to test it, you need to build it from source, but it is a very straightforward task (check out the README for instructions) and you can always contact me ((you need to enable javascript to see the email address)) for help.

Hope you have fun playing around with v1.5beta and let me know any comments and any feedback you have!

4 comments on: On the road to PhotoQt v1.5

  1. post says:

    After I build photoqt and when I try to run it I get an error “Loading translations: xx. Segmentation fault”

    • Lukas Spies says:

      Hm, that’s odd… What output do you get when you start it with the –debug or –verbose flag (i.e., ‘photoqt –verbose’)?
      Feel free to send it to me by email: Lukas _(at)_ photoqt _.dot._ org

  2. post says:

    Hi, sorry for the delay.
    If it still helps, this is what I get:
    05/01/2017 00:56:37:156] Starting PhotoQt…
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:156] StartupCheck::Migration
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:156] StartupCheck::UpdateCheck|
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:156] Checking if first run of new version
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:156] StartupCheck::Screenshots
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] StartupCheck::StartInTray
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] StartupCheck::Localisation
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] Checking for translation
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] Found following language: lt_LT/lt
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] Loading Translation:lt
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] StartupCheck::Thumbnails
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] StartupCheck::FileFormats
    [05/01/2017 00:56:37:217] StartupCheck::Shortcuts::makeSureShortcutsFileExists
    Segmentavimo klaida (Segmentation fault) (core dumped)

    • Lukas Spies says:

      Hi, I’m happy to report that I found the culprit of this crash, just in time for v1.5. This crash should not be happening anymore for anyone… Thanks again for letting me know!

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