Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Every software has bugs. No matter how much work is put into it, something will always sneak by. I'm constantly on the outlook for bugs, and I also need your help to catch as many as possible.

If you found a bug, please tell me. You can do that in two ways: You can either send me an email ((you need to enable javascript to see the email address)) or you can open an Issue on GitLab.

Before reporting any issue, please first check the list below whether the bug is already known and maybe already fixed.

Known Bugs

This is an incomplete list of known bugs since the last stable release, including an indication whether each has already been fixed on GitLab. Bugs in the legacy code wont be fixed anymore and are not listed here!
(For a list of planned upcoming changes, check the roadmap.)

FIXED = Bug is fixed
OPEN = Bug is still open
WON'T FIX = Bug won't be fixed
  • Small images are scaled to fit screen disregarding the settings at startup only - OPEN
  • 'Click on close' only works in the top half of the screen - FIXED
  • PhotoQt doesn't install/run on Windows XP - WON'T FIX