Release - 11/09/2016
  • Important updates to appdata.xml file for inclusion in software center
Release 1.4.1 - 01/06/2016
  • Fix: External Shortcuts aren't working
  • Fix: Detecting a key combination for a shortcut didn't work when a language other than English was set
  • Fix: Disabling of thumbnails wasn't preserved across sessions
  • Fix: Not possible to change setting for Extras filetypes (xcf and psd/psb)
  • Fix: Deleting images that had non-Latin characters in their filepath/filename didn't work
  • Fix: Pressing the 'Enter' key in a CustomLineEdit went to a second line
  • Fix: Renaming a file didn't reload the directory or hide the 'Rename' element
  • Fix: Add 'missing' photoqt.appdata.xml file to source tree
  • Fix: Impossible to use '+' (normal and keypad) for shortcuts
  • Fix: Resizing PhotoQt in window mode didn't adjust the width/height of the image container properly
  • Fix: Triggering 'floatable' mode of MetaData element didn't adjust width/height of image container
  • Fix: RAW: PhotoQt would always load at most a half-sized image instead of the full one
  • Fix: Handling of non-Latin characters faulty in certain cases
  • Fix: PhotoQt sometimes would load the thumbnails with a higher priority than the main image
  • Fix: Database info in settings manager didn't update automatically after cleaning/emptying database
  • Fix: When loading a folder, thumbnails sometimes wouldn't start loading automatically
  • Fix: RAW fileformats are not enabled by default (when compiled with LibRaw support)
  • Add: Shortcut to hard-delete a file directly, by-passing the confirmation element
  • Updated some languages
Release 1.4 - 17/05/2016
  • Re-designed main interface
  • Re-design settings manager, streamlining interface
  • Re-written shortcuts management (I know, it's part of the settings manager mentioned above, but it's a huge improvement)
  • Re-written image engine
  • Improvement: Custom* elements have been extended for higher customisability
  • Improvement: Enable optimisations when compiling
  • Improvement: Better startup-checks (seperate namespace and files)
  • Add: Improved key navigation for elements
  • Add: Support for most RAW image formats (using Libraw)
  • Add: Custom element for opening files
  • Add: Additional metadata information
  • Add: Width of mainmenu and metadata element can be adjusted by click-and-drag
  • Add: Autotransform is used (for Qt >= 5.5) if enabled for better performance/quality
  • Add: Animate rotation/zooming
  • Add: Tooltips all over the place
  • Add: Shortcut notifier informing user of what shortcut navigation is possible
  • Add: Blur of background image (NOT desktop background) when element is open
  • Add: 'Loading' gif when image takes more than 500ms to load
  • Add: Experimental support for touchscreens
  • Add: Custom cache of displayed images, fully adjustable
  • Change: Turn metadata element into full-height bar on left edge
  • Change: Faulty/Unexpected metadata cannot cause a crash anymore (try/catch)
  • Change: Metadata non-floatable, i.e., permanently shown, resizes main image element
  • Change: Combine mainmenu and context-menu into full-height on right edge (removing Quicksettings)
  • Change: Use Qt's QCommandLineParse class for simple handling of command line (and common look with other Qt apps)
  • Change: Use proper XDG folders for configuration/data (auto migration at first startup)
  • Change of behaviour: Closing PhotoQt using window manager now immediately quits PhotoQt (and not first 'only' closes any possibly opened element)
  • Fix: Spaces in filenames are handled properly now when passing to external app
  • Fix (for Mac): current screen follows mouse pointer
  • Fix: many, many bugs
  • Windows: Several small fixes specifically for Windows systems
Release 1.3 - 26/07/2015
  • Fixed numerous bugs along the way
  • Added several new features
  • Ensured existing features are working as expected
Release 1.2.1 - 15/06/2015
  • Fix: Transitioning half-transparent images caused issues
  • Fix: Wheel Sensitivity (detect wheel direction change)
  • Fix: Store window geometry in proper folder
  • Fix: Set default values to global variables (fixes persistent 'No file loaded' label in metadata widget)
  • Fix: Properly quit PhotoQt (issue in some WMs, stale process would remain)
  • Fix: Check for which imagereader to use
  • Fix: Treat symlinks to images as own image (fixes weird behaviour)
  • Add: Option to completely disable tray icon
Release 1.2 - 17/01/2015
  • GraphicsMagick: More thorough testing and fixing
  • Intelligent detection of supported fileformats on first start
  • Colour filetype tiles of unsupported formats orange (qt formats only)
  • Added better SVG support
  • Added XCF support (depending on XCFtools)
  • Added PSB/PSD support (depending on libqpsd)
  • Smart preloading of folder, better support for large directories (15,000+ files)
  • Add sorting criteria for files (name, natural name, filesize, date)
  • Fix&Improve: Restore support for Trash on Linux
  • Re-worked thumbnail handling: faster, more reliable, new "smart thumbnails" mode
  • Option to stay centered on active thumbnail
  • Dynamically detect supported context menu entries
  • Option to switch between close/not close when selecting context menu entry
  • Remember zoom levels/rotation per session
  • Option to fit smaller images in window
  • Improved handling of windowed/fullscreen mode
  • Window always stays on top
  • Normal/Fancy look for closing 'x' top right
  • Automatic language detection on first start-up (system locale)
  • Change: Main animation is now 'fade-in' (+Possibility to disable altogether)
  • Wheel sensitivity settings
  • Opt-in to High-DPI pixmaps (Qt >= 5.4.0)
  • Fix: Proper handling of window flags
  • Re-ordering of settings (basic and advanced category)
  • Re-ordering and extending of quicksettings
  • Fix: Composite detection (not possible in Qt5 on Linux)
  • Loop and Shuffle option in Slideshow
  • Fix: Scaling preserves Exiv metadata
  • Many fixes, improvements, and removal of quite a bit of redundant code
Release - 13/10/2014
  • Critical Fix: PhotoQt crashed on 32 Bit systems
Release 1.1 - 12/10/2014
  • PhotoQt now based on Qt5
  • Phonon replaced by QMultimedia
  • Rotations/Flipping stored per session (nothing is saved permanently in any files)
  • Filter images in current directory by filename/extension
  • Scaling images (permanent change)
  • Faded in widgets code moved to own class (massive code simplification)
  • Fade-in now starts at the top of the screen
  • Quick Settings (fade-in widget on the right)
  • Fake Transparency (background) now supported for any number of screens
  • CMake updates translation files on the fly (handy for translators)
  • fix: restore from system tray preserves fullscreen
  • fix: context menu converted to 'normal' shortcut
  • fix: possible to select background image
  • fix: saving settings no longer corrupts session wide list of known file formats
  • many improvements to custom widget classes (added methods for better styling, etc.)
  • several visual mock-ups (see yourself)
  • ... and many, many more bugs were fixed, codelines simplified, improvements here and there done - too many to recall all of them...
Release 1.0 - 11/08/2013
  • Photo renamed to PhotoQt
  • New logo (made necessary by name change)
  • Use of GraphicsMagick (hence support of 80+ file types)
  • Possibility at compilation time to disable use of GraphicsMagick, Exiv2, Phonon
  • Significantly faster start-up (on average more than 7 times faster)
  • Revamped style of most widgets
  • Added window mode (with and without window decorations)
  • Set-as-Wallpaper function
  • Dropdown menu updated and image manipulation functions moved to image context menu
  • Smart context menu options
  • Improved thumbnail handling and view
  • Dynamic thumbnail creation (only create those thumbnails currently visible)
  • Posibility to write resolution on thumbnails (in order to use this you have to remove thumbnails of older versions)
  • Faster image and directory loading
  • Improved fading between images
  • Locale detection when no language is set
  • Natural sort of images (i.e. image10.jpg comes after image9.jpg)
  • Many code improvements 'under the hub' for better, faster and more reliable image handling
  • ... and a few more things that I can't think of anymore ...
Release 0.9.1 - 22/01/2013
  • FIXED: Open image by clicking on it didn't work
  • FIXED: Start in system tray resulted in some annoying behaviour
  • FIXED: Rotation according to exif data was done the wrong way round (anti-clockwise instead of clockwise)
  • ADDED: verbose mode (start photo with "--v" or "--verbose") -- Caution: produces a lot of output!
Release 0.9 - 18/01/2013
  • Completely re-written and re-structured code
  • Mostly new and improved Look
  • Many more Settings
  • Better Image Handling
  • Better Thumbnail Implementation
  • Better Exif Handling
  • Better Shortcut Handling
  • Added Slideshow Feature
  • Faster Startup
  • Removed custom "Open File" dialog for now (needs a lot more work, just not ready yet...) :(
  • More command line options (run 'photo --help' for overview)
  • Many bugs fixed/avoided
  • ... and sooo much more ...
Release 0.8.2 - 13/12/2012
  • New and updated languages
  • Small fix for desktop-file to make it possible to select it as default image viewer on some platforms
Release - 09/11/2012
  • FIXED: A click anywhere on the main image area would cause Photo to crash
Release - 08/11/2012
  • Important fix of CMakeLists.txt. It installed some icons in /usr/icons instead of /usr/share/icons
Release 0.8.1 - 07/11/2012
  • FIXED: mouse shortcuts for external commands didn't work
  • FIXED: text labels (like filename, etc.) didn't stay hidden in certain circumstances
  • IMPROVED: CMakeLists.txt was improved to be better adaptable to different setups
  • IMPROVED: detection of currently set translation better generalised
  • ADDED: 6 new languages (Arabic, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese)
Release 0.8 - 19/07/2012
  • Allow only one instance of Photo at a time - a new execution of the photo binary re-opens the already running one
  • Photo can be controlled through the command line (although the amount of commands possible are still limited
  • Photo can make use of the system tray, and can also start minimised to the tray -> instant availability
  • Slightly restyled and enhanced dropdown menu
  • Photo supports now (still very basic) printing functionality
  • A click on a GPS location in the exif widget opens the position on an online map service (e.g. google maps or bing maps)
  • New experimental opening dialog - STILL BETA, lacking many functions and reliability - USE AT OWN RISK!
  • Many other smaller changes
Release - 26/03/2012
  • Added Serbian Translation by Mladen Pejakovi
Release 0.7.1 - 23/03/2012
  • Updating Greek translation
  • Looping through images (can be turned off)
  • Possibility to jump to first/last image in folder (shortcut)
  • First implementation of smooth transitions between images (still beta!!)
  • Fixed Bug: Hiding Thumbnails works now
  • Improved start-up time (window is build up a little faster now)
Release 0.7 - 08/03/2012
  • Rotating/flipping of image as stored in its exif data
  • Possibility to set and adjust mouse actions as shortcuts
  • Make Thumbnails moveable to top
  • Internal Shortcuts made easier accessable
  • More than one modifier (Ctrl/Shift/Alt) can now be used for shortcuts
  • Flipping of images
  • Zoom to actual size
  • Improved speed of rotating images
  • Scrolling at any point on the thumbnail bar scrolls horizontally
  • Fixed Bug: On dual-screen systems, if the other screen had bigger dimensions than current one -> image wouldn't load
  • Fixed Bug: Only one shortcut could be added per session, or Photo crashed
  • Other smaller changes
Release 0.6.1 - 14/02/2012
  • Added better desktop integration (i.e. desktop file and icons)
  • Fixed exiv2 bug, that could cause Photo to crash
  • Switched to cmake for building
Release 0.6 - 09/02/2012
  • Support for animated images
  • Centered thumbnail view
  • Exif information (using exiv2 library)
  • Extended/Changed Thumbnail caching
  • New About widget
  • Logo (Thanks to Archie Arevalo)
  • New thumbnail hover effect
  • Possibility to hide labels in main display area
  • Adjusted and extended settings widget
  • many smaller code improvements
Release 0.5 -21/01/2012
  • Rotating of images
  • Improved zooming
  • Added file handling (rename,copy,move,delete)
  • Optional feature: Click on empty (grey) background will close Photo
  • Fixed hover effect for thumbnails
  • Fixed hover effect for shortcuts
  • Fixed Dual-Screen Monitor Bug
  • Other small code changes
Release 0.4 - 10/01/2012
  • Added zooming of images
  • Replaced menu button by nicely animated menu
  • Different code improvements that might increase the speed of Photo slightly
  • Other small code changes
Release - 31/12/2011
  • Added Greek Translation by Dimitrios Glentadakis
Release 0.3 - 27/12/2011
  • Rewritten and Restyled Settings Window
  • Improved Shortcut handling
  • Faster thumbnail (re-)creation
  • Replaced buttons top right by single menu buttons
  • Translation into German
  • Several small changes and code improvements
Release 0.2 - 16/12/2011
  • Improved Thumbnail View (now more interactive)
  • Thumbnail Cache ( compliant)
  • Use of QImageReader to increase performance
  • Composite made an option in settings
  • Thumbnail size can be adjusted
  • Implement function to open a new file from inside photo
  • many, many small bug fixes and code improvements
Release 0.1 - 08/12/2011
  • First initial Release